Aplus Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution

A+ OCEAN uses the finest sea salt available any place in the world and then refines the salt and
completes a filtering process that makes our product as pure as can possibly be manufactured.
You will not find any carcinogens or other products used in the formulation, that other saline
products contain or that have FDA warnings. No big clumps of salt on the bottom of the bottle
and the aloe are naturally preserved to give you the very best stability.
You should look at the ingredients in some of the products produced and see what the FDA
recommends on the use of any of the ingredients. Some contain carcinogens.
There is a great deal of confusion regarding Aloe products. The number one point of confusion is
regarding the viscosity of aloe products. Consumers expect Aloe Juice to look and feel like Aloe
Jelly. Many consumers believe that the thick jelly on the market came straight from the plant.
In reality, pure Aloe Juice has the same consistency and viscosity as water.
The viscosity confusion is created by two factors. One being that consumers are most familiar
with the clear or green Aloe Gel products commonly sold on the market. The front of the label
says that it is Aloe Gel and not everyone reads the ingredient list. The second cause for confusion
is that if you ever cut a piece of an aloe leaf, the inside (fillet) appears to be gelatinous and thick.
However, the thickness comes from the pulp and fiber that is removed when aloe is processed.
Even if the fillet is left intact with the pulp and fiber, the required preservation method would
thin out the finished product. But in reality the jelly like product is made by adding a thickener.
A+ OCEAN is best stored in a cool place and if possible refrigeration is recommended to
help provide the best shelf life. You will find that if you follow the manufactures
recommendations, with proper use, excellent results can be obtained to either remove the tattoo or
lighten it substantially to perform corrective work.
With a saline removal solution, the goal is to create a superficial controlled scab. It is the body’s
natural healing process that removes or lightens the pigment when the scab falls off. Under no
circumstances should reapplication be done within thirty days.
A+ OCEAN is the first Hypertonic Sterile saline solution on the market.
This product is for trained and licensed professionals only and results may vary depending
on the equipment, needles and techniques used.

Copyright A+Ocean LLC