eyebrow removal solution microliteThis product has been in development for over three years. It specifically targets scar tissue caused by bad microblading.

Scars from microblading are different than normal permanent makeup and tattoo scars that have been caused by machine, and traditional hand pigment insertion.

All Tattoos are a scar and can never be reversed regardless of any removal process.

Poorly conducted microblading by unskilled technicians can be disastrous and leave a hypertrophic scar that is a thickened, wide, often raised scar that develops where skin is injured. In certain people, body cells called myofibroblasts produce too much collagen during healing and these scars are like keloid scars but tend to be milder and don’t grow beyond the boundaries of the original skin injury.

Keloid scars can also occur and are smooth, hard, benign growths that also form when scar tissue grows excessively. In general, hypertrophic scars are raised, but rarely more than 4 millimeters above the skin are red or pink in color and can develop anywhere on the body.

On the other hand, keloids usually are raised more than 4 millimeters from the skin, grow beyond the boundaries of the original incision or wound are pink to purple in color, evolve and grow over time and can form any place on the body.

The molecular structure of the Micro-Lite formulation breaks through the damage that has been caused by cutting the human skin and the type scars left once the micro-bladed brow has healed.

The formulation will cause the hypertonic reaction within the cells and will release the particles from this type of scar tissue.

This product is specific to cut wounds caused by microblading. Micro-Lite has the specific purpose to target these specific type cells that contain pigment.

Micro-Lite, when used by trained professionals using the proper technique and needle configurations, have produced results superior to any all-natural hypertonic saline solution manufactured on the market. Only round shader configurations should be used with either a conventional tattoo machine or quality rotary device. A+Ocean manufactures the smallest medical grade coil machine on the market and a rotary device called the Genesis.

Quality saline removal products must be manufactured with the highest standards, A+Ocean exceeds all standards and produces 100% sterile removal products that are completely filtered with thousands of successful brow removal cases worldwide Micro-Lite is the choice of professionals.

New laws nationally and internationally are changing daily, some states or regions cannot use a removal product. On the other hand, the technician can perform tattoo lightening.

The laser industry has continually lobbied to stop removal products because factually natural saline products can remove more pigment in one session than any laser at a fraction of the cost. Although some states have stopped removal by technicians, they have not stopped lightening of the tattoo or adopted these type procedures should be done in a doctor’s office or under a doctor’s supervision.

A+Ocean does not condone breaking any laws nor do we recommend doing so. But legally in our opinion there are circumstances that allow you to continue preforming these type procedures.

The Micro-Lite label was also updated to include the word “lightening”.

We are protecting the technician’s ability to perform these important procedures using new words that avoid issues in some regions.

Micro-Lite is a different consistency and new product. We highly recommend looking at our online training. We conduct these certification webinars monthly and provide a huge package of benefits as a certified A+Ocean Technician.

We appreciate your taking the time to read about our product, we always provide the industry the very best from 1978 to present.