A+Ocean all-natural hypertonic saline tattoo and permanent makeup removal solution has been the leader worldwide in the tattoo and permanent makeup industry since 1978.

A+Ocean the world’s number one all-natural tattoo and permanent makeup Removal solution and training.

With the world crisis of COVID-19 virus there have been company’s popping up with all type products from all directions. These companies are simply trying to find additional income and deceive the professionals within the tattoo and permanent cosmetic industry.

A+Ocean has been the leader within the industry with over 1.2 million bottles sold. A+Ocean is the most sought-after solution and training in the world. Any product containing chemicals should be avoided for the safety of your customers and to avoid legal ramifications.


Claims have been made that orange seed extract and grapeseed extract remove pigment or make the formulation better than other saline products. This is a complete fabrication and is not backed up by any scientific information. These two extracts are used to preserve aloe prior to processing a saline product.

A+Ocean only purchases the finest aloe available and preserves it with grapeseed extract prior to the production of the finest hypertonic all-natural saline removal product in the world. Grapeseed extract has no effect regarding removing pigment from the human tissue. A+Ocean far exceeds the aloe council’s certification standards.

How A+Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution Works

During the processing of A+Ocean the saline is brought to a temperature extremely high and sterilizes the solution. A+Ocean only purchases true seas salt and removes all contaminates, regardless if they are safe or good proteins within the human body.

The human body contains many salts, of which sodium chloride NaCl is the major one, making up around 0.4 per cent of the body’s weight. So, a 50kg person would contain around 200g of sodium chloride - around 40 teaspoons. Since we lose salt whenever we sweat, it must be continually replaced.

With this scientific information A+Ocean is the only company purifying the solution and bringing the saline concentration to a level that truly causes the hypertonic reaction within the cells that contain the pigment particles that are already healed into the human tissue.

During the first twelve hours these cells are penetrated by the A+Ocean solution and the free water moves in and out of the cell. The pressure created by this process releases the pigment from the cell and natural moves it to the epidermis level of the tissue.

A properly conducted procedure by a trained professional using round shader configurations will not damage the skin and creates a wound no different than any tattoo or permanent makeup procedure.

It is important to understand that any tattoo or permanent makeup procedure makes a scar the minute the tattoo needles or microblading needles enter the skin. The only method that can remove pigment from the skin in one shot is to surgically remove the tissue.

Microblading creates a different type scar within the human tissue that microscopically is more rope like. These types of scars are more difficult to penetrate and remove pigment from the tissue.

Get Certified to Remove Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

A+Ocean removes all types of permanent makeup pigments and tattoo inks. This includes carbon black, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide. The product has removed pigment from all levels of the human tissue and is the only product that can completely remove carbon black from the tissue.

A+Ocean LLC only produces the finest products for the industry, this is not a side gimmick, our products have been tested and manufactured longer than any company in the world. If you want the finest, work with products produced from true professionals. Our online training is second to none and our support system is the best in the industry.