tattoo removal aloe veraPure aloe vera gel is known for its ability to heal and moisturize the skin and hair. It is obtained from organic inner fillets of fresh aloe vera leaves and then processed to remove the pulp and fiber. The resulting gel is then decolorized, pasteurized, and preserved to give it a stable shelf life. Pure aloe vera gel is actually not gel-like, but is more thin in texture. The gels that are commonly found on the market are “gelled” using a gelling agent. If you are looking for a thick, gel-like aloe, please try our Aloe Moist.

Aloe Vera is quite fragile and will readily grow bacteria when contaminated. Our Aloe is preserved with a natural anti-microbial agent such as our grapefruit seed extract, Germaben or a combination of parabens. Although the shelf life of aloe Vera gel is one year, it is best not to store aloe Vera gel longer than six months. Fresh gel is best. Refrigerate aloe Vera gel to prolong the shelf life.

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