A+Ocean Training has always had the highest training Standards based on John Hashey’s Licensed School from 1997-2017. In 2017 John retired from public teaching and solely concentrates on providing the best removal training in the world.

It has become increasingly more difficult to teach beginner cosmetic tattoo artist ever since the economic crash in 2008. Traditionally conventional tattoo artist will apprentice for a minimum of one to three years before achieving a level considered to be a tattoo artist. These standards have changed even in the newer generation of tattoo artist from 2006 to present day.

Microblading has an Asian origin, following the online evidence of where it comes from will lead to a couple of straight, verifiable facts: the technique was already used in Asian regions such as Singapore, China and Korea. In approximately the year 2005 and it was called “eyebrow embroidery”.
By 2010 “eyebrow embroidery” reached the western world and was labeled “Microblading” Therefore claims of doing microblading for twenty years in the United States is a false statement.

tattoo removal sessionsDuring the year 2012 microblading escalated a problem for permanent cosmetic tattoo industry with two-day classes that contained no basic information or even basic knowledge of universal precautions and in many cases continues today. The two-day technicians then would move on and immediately and start teaching the limited skill set they may have obtained from these two-day classes.

Cosmetic Students that have graduated from these inferior schools as well as those unwilling to complete quality training have gone into the public as a new artist and perform procedures far beyond their skill set. This adds to the continued epidemic poor-quality work for the public and destroyed faces.

The methods of instruction and practice developed by John Hashey in 1997 with the first licensed school by a board of education within the United States have proven to produce outstanding cosmetic artist prior to John’s retirement from teaching cosmetic tattooing in 2017.

John Hashey’s basic student from 1997-2017 graduated with 1200-1800 hundred hours of training.

“Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”  It has been said that it requires 3,000 to 5,000 repetitions to develop “muscle memory” or subconscious response to external stimuli. While we know that our brain is only part of our body that has the ability to retain memory, the consistent application and practice of these active skills allows us the ability to incorporate them into our daily cosmetic and conventional process for safe quality results.

These principals have been incorporated into the A+Ocean Certification Classes and webinar instruction. Unfortunately, with the industry need for immediate gratification A+Ocean training was revised and compacted in Webinar training and Hands on training.

The majority of A+Ocean trained professions have been proven to be the best removal technicians nationally and internationally.

A+Ocean Webinar training sets the standard with hours of live instruction, videos and question answer sessions that provide a new technician into the field of permanent makeup removal as a basic technician. As seen in this photo one of our new basic technicians produced the following outstanding results.

Additionally, one of our basic trained technicians with John Hashey’s guidance on the A+Ocean support page was able to reverse an allergic reaction that was first thought to be a keloid. Upon John’s inspection of the case John Hashey supported what was an allergic reaction and the protocol reverse the issue.

This type support system if offered at no charge to any graduate of the basic or advanced hands on classes.

allergic reaction tattoo

During the Advanced hands on training John Hashey or his personally trained trainers will even hold a student’s hand to teach the proper technique.

tattoo removal training hands on

A+Ocean hands on training is the very finest in the world the class truly hones the technician’s skill set and teaches the most difficult removal types found daily from poorly produced permanent cosmetics. The class also teaches conventional tattoo removal that completes the highest level of education.

These are some of the hands training class photos during an advanced hand on class at Diane Molinaro’s Studio in California June 2019.

tattoo removal training class

tattoo removal training graduate

tattoo removal training graduate 2

tattoo removal training class graduates

A+Ocean teaches many technicians that are not in the tattoo or permanent makeup field such as nurses and doctors or skill people that simply want a career change.

The best training can be found at A+Ocean for all permanent cosmetic and conventional tattoo artist.