This lady was tattooed with a carbon black pigment on the lower lid of the eye. Carbon Black should never be used for anything other than upper lash enhancement. Carbon Black has a very small particle micron size and can easily migrate and continue to migrate for many years. This case shows post permanent bad eyeliner and the migration moved down onto the facial tissue in a mere few weeks after the procedure.

Master Cosmetic Tattoo Artist John Hashey preformed two removal sessions using the World’s First Saline removal solution developed in 1980. This all natural hypertonic saline solution lightens or removes pigment without scaring the tissue. The product is for licensed and trained professional. A+ Ocean can be purchased at

As anyone can see the process works on the most difficult procedures, laser cannot compare to the results or the low cost of the process. Because of the proven results, A+ Ocean routinely repairs permanent makeup gone badly as well as conventional tattoos.

The Tattoo Removal process is the very best all natural product on the market. No carcinogens and naturally preserved. There is a complete list of product options, as well as equipment and other needed supply’s in our store.

The following images are real results from using our Aplus Ocean Tattoo Removal product. However, bad eyeliner removal should only be performed by expert trained professionals.

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