The permanent makeup technician or conventional tattoo artist must understand that natural tattoo removal is a separate profession and not tattooing or permanent cosmetics. Eyebrow Tattoo removal using the correct needle configurations and the A+Ocean saline removal solution can be a routine procedure. Round shader configurations are the only type needles or cartridges that should be used to preform a cosmetic or conventional tattoo natural removal or lightening.

A+Ocean Tattoo cartridges and standard loop bar needle configurations are one hundred percent US made with the finest surgical steel and silver solder in the world.  We supply some of the best needles and cartridges in the world.

Looking under the microscope you can see clearly the short and long tapered needles, what is called liner needles should never be used except in incredibly special cases. The needle on the left is a shader needle pin, the needle on the right is a liner needle pin.

shader needle pinLiner Needle Pin

The picture below is an illustration of the shader and liner needle pins.

diagram of shader and needle liner pins

Slanted needles such as microblading needles that are used to cut through the brow tissue should never be used. All needles are required to enter the skin at the same level during the procedure. As pictured in this illustration all the needles either from a cartridge or standard loop bar should enter at 90 degrees to the tissue to the same depth.

microblading needlespermanent makeup removal

The standard individual needle pin to manufacture tattoo needle configurations, Is a number (12 Sharps). A number 12 sharps is equal to fourteen thousand of an inch in diameter at the shaft. The standard is set by the conventional tattoo manufactures or tattoo artist as they far outnumber the cosmetic artist and invented or started cosmetic tattooing worldwide.

Cosmetic Artist and Permanent Makeup Technicians that use the coil machine more than likely will use what is known as the number (8 Sharps) it is equal to ten thousand of an inch in diameter. It is also known as the zero, zero needle (00) and has been nick named the bug pin by the conventional artist because it is so small in diameter.

Both type needle cartridges and loop bar needles use a variety of needle configurations for both tattooing and permanent makeup to include A+Ocean removal with saline solution.

*Note the cosmetic artist must make the conversion from number eight sharps needle configurations to conventional standard tattoo tubes that will fit each needle configuration correctly. Most manufactures expect you to know this information.

Configurations: Needles that start at one pin and can be manufacture up to any number in a round configuration from a long-tapered needle are called round liners.

Needles starting normally at three up to any number in a round configuration made from a short-tapered needle are called round shaders.

How to identify the needle configurations and manufactures codes:

The first number in the code:

Tells you the sharp size.

The second number in the code:

Tells you how many needles in the configuration.

The last numbers and letters:

Tells you what the configuration is.


123RL= Twelve three round liner.

83RL= Eight three round liner. This needle is smaller than the 123RL.

126F= Twelve six flat shader.

88RS= Eight round shader

811MW= Eight eleven magnum weaved needle.

liner needle manufacturer code how to readshader needle manufacturer code how to read

It is essential to understand how needles are manufactured, the different sizes, points, and configurations. Needles with longer tapers are generally used as liner needles because they can be grouped together in tighter configurations. Originally, they were designed to make liners. A needle manufactured to the specifications of a standard #12 sharps is fourteen thousandths of an inch in diameter and is the Conventional Tattoo Industries standard. Cartridges for conventional tattooing still hold this standard. A+Ocean manufactures all types of loop bar and cartridge sizes. Sharps manufactured with a 00 needle is equal to 10 thousandths of an inch in diameter and is used more often in Permanent Cosmetics Industry.

A three (3) needle liner made from a standard number 12 sharps will give you a larger line than a needle configured with a 00 or number 8 sharps needle, which will produce a much finer line. The technician must understand that a 12/3 round liner will fit a standard 3 round liner tube, but a needle group manufactured from eight sharps or from a 00 as large as eight needles may fit that standard same tube.

A+Ocean Cartridges are manufactured to the highest standard and each cartridge precisely fits the needle configuration. The use of shader configurations is paramount to prevent scaring or break down of the human tissue.

Needles used to shade should have a short taper and are used in machines that run a bit slower and have a longer stroke. They will also put color in at a faster rate in most cases. The short taper will, in many cases, prevent the needles from hanging in the skin or cutting the skin when doing true shading techniques and saline all-natural tattoo removal. Needle configurations made from sharps with a short taper at the incorrect angle or configuration tightness can avoid tissue damage and adverse problems. When preforming tattoo and permanent makeup removal the needles must enter the skin at ninety degrees.

Magnum needles are made in configurations that are both stacked on top of each other or weaved. They were originally designed for shading and to put lots of color in at a fast rate. They are amazingly effective and often get capillary action to occur very quickly. These type needles should not be used for removal and will break the skin down rapidly with a removal technique.

A+Ocean now manufactures needle cartridges smaller than a hair in diameter and many configurations to perform any type cosmetic tattoo or traditional tattoo. A+Ocean also manufactures many cartridges for needling as well as medical tattoo procedure and areola reconstruction.


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