Certified Technicians and Distributors

The following are technicians and distributors that Aplus Ocean and John Hashey work with.

All are extremely reputable companies and people and we are proud to be affiliated with each of them.

EverlastInk Beauty, Inc.
Magdalena Zak, Certified Technician

Magdalena Zak

CML Creations
Christa Livingston, Certified Technician

CML Creations

New Age Skin Care
Jennifer Meyers, Certified Technician

new age tattoo removal

Carol Dinis
Certified Advanced A+Ocean Trainer
carol dinis tattoo removal

Diane Molinaro
California Distributor/Trainer

diane molinaro tattoo removal

Alchemy Aesthetics & Artistry
Courtney Cole, Certified Technician

Richie Howlett, Director
A Plus Ocean Australasia

aplus ocean australia

Christine Brown
Christine Brown Permanent Cosmetics

Melissa Aguirre, A+Ocean Tattoo RemovalTimeless Beauty Ink
1520 N. Resler Dr., Suite G
El Paso, Texas