Desert Storm Army Veteran Case

cornea medical tattoo

On June 22, 2012 John Hashey flew to Phoenix Arizona to the Sun City Advanced Surgery  and performed, in the operating room, cornea replacement tattooing.

There were three goals that needed to be completed. Reduce the amount of light entering the eye, tattoo the new iris in without puncturing the lens implant and train Dr. Fintelmann.

The solder lost his Iris and pupil to shrapnel metal in the Desert Storm War and has a cornea lens implant. His normal eye color is blue.

John had .19 of an inch to work with in order to not hit the lens; the goal was to reduce light entering the eye to reduce constant glare, being as the solder can still see from the eye. The injured eye has a lens implant which took surgeons eight surgeries to reconstruct the open eye and implant the lens. The eye was saved and retina working, but the eye was permanently dilated causing too much light entering the eye and causing constant migraines.

After forty five minutes John Hashey tattooed the Iris over the left damaged eye and recreated a blue Iris, this is medical history and tattoo history!  The procedure had never been done before over a lens implant or on a blue eye.

The procedure was a complete success and Dr. Dr. Fintelmann has obtained the skill to perform this procedure. The Army Veteran now can live a more normal life due to the efforts of John Hashey and Dr. Fintelmann.