Home remedy tattoo removal and permanent makeup removal solutions should not be used or attempted. Making home remedy removal solutions and using them on the public is not only unethical but dangerous. A+ Ocean LLC manufactures removal solutions and have spent years formulating and testing our products and manufacture under controlled environments.

Introducing saline mixed with concoctions with untested plant products, oils and chemicals, and acids might get pigment out but have underlining future health problems and microscopically damage tissue permanently.

If a manufacturer produces a tattoo removal product, SDS sheets are required to meet federal product guidelines and inform the user and customer of any potential health risks.

Sea salt harvested from evaporated sea water is usually unrefined and is coarser-grained than table salt. It contains zinc, potassium, iron and other minerals and microscopic sand particles. Table salt is absolutely the wrong type of salt and will damage the skin.

Using just any salt or unfiltered sea salt introduces unwanted particles and contaminates into the human body that can cause allergic reactions. It is unfortunate that, in todays tattoo and permanent makeup industry, people just seem to know everything by just dreaming up these concoctions.

It is these people that are damaging our industry and, in many cases, breaking the law. Read your insurance policy and all the fine print. If something goes wrong, you can be sure that the under writer is going to find a reason not to pay damages and it my already be in the fine print.

The most important issue here is that people that call themselves technicians or experts have a total disregard and put the public at risk. Home tattoo removal is not an acceptable way to remove tattoos.

A professional artist or technician would never consider doing kitchen concoctions.