Removing unwanted finger tattoos can be performed by any Tattoo or Permanent Makeup Artist. The process is straight forward and removes the pigment naturally and more effectively than laser tattoo removal and chemical tattoo removal. A+Ocean, developed and used since 1978, is 100% natural and effectively removes the finger tattoos safely without scaring.

All professional artist and technicians know that a tattoo is a scar and regardless of the method of removal there will always be the shape of that tattoo remaining in many cases.

The most effect needle configurations range from 88RS-1214RS needle configurations. Liner type configurations should never be used and will cause scaring and damage the tissue.

An oval technique should always be used versus the circle since ovals prevent the cutting of the tissue. A+Ocean techniques have proven to be superior to any method currently used in the Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Industries.

See our video and watch the demonstration of tattoo removal from fingers.

There are thousands of people worldwide that, for one reason or another, have finger tattoos that traditionally look horrible as the tattoo ages.  This aging is due to the nature of the tissue type and the exposure of the human hand to elements, chemical and much more.

Many finger tattoos are gang related or state foul words that the potential customer now realizes should be removed. A+Ocean can remove any color, including carbon black, better than the laser method of tattoo removal. Within the United States young candidates cannot enter the US Military with these type tattoos on the fingers and neck area.

A+Ocean can remove these tattoos using our system and products and help many people change their lives and career path. The A+Ocean all-natural hypertonic solution removes the pigment naturally and has little to no pain when using the legal proper topical anesthetics.

A+Ocean is the purest all-natural saline removal product in the world, completely safe with no chemicals and completely filter to the purest solution with the highest salt concentration on the market.

A+Ocean provides online webinar training and certifies thousands of artist and technicians annually. If the artist or permanent makeup artist is already skill following our instructions produces outstanding results.

A+Ocean Saline removal products are 100% us made from the finest sea salt and aloe in the world. They are blended carefully formulated to give the best product possible to the end user.

The process is straight forward and using the appropriate needle configuration for the size of the finger tattoo or letters. Using the oval technique and only tattooing the solution into the tattooed skin the hypertonic reaction will begin and the pigment in most cases pour right out of the skin. The needle depth should be no more than .5mm-.75mm in depth. A maximum of three passes and be made.

Hand skin is very tough, and your equipment should have enough power to push the needle configurations in and out of the skin with no effort. The skin needs to be very tight during the removal session. Due to the rough texture the epidermis layer can peel, it is important not to dig in and just let the needle do the work and you will have great success. If necessary, numbing can be applied before and during the procedure.

The hands should be completely cleaned with a good manicure to prevent any bacteria from the removal site. A+Ocean has a complete support system and can evaluate your cases at no charge and guide to the correct approach to all conventional and cosmetic tattoo removal cases for complete success by contacting us.

We also provide certification webinars that cover all aspects of tattoo removal and permanent makeup removal. Classes are conducted monthly with thousands trained and certified. A+Ocean is the number one tattoo and permanent makeup removal solution and system in the world.