John Hashey’s A+Ocean Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Removal is the world’s first natural saline removal system and the world’s first Hypertonic product. John Hashey’s online webinars are proving to be the finest tattoo and permanent makeup removal and lightening certification in the world.

The techniques and product in combination are the very best. Anyone that wants to get bad tattoos out, it is the go to method of all natural permanent makeup and tattoo removal and lightening.

When preformed using A+Ocean and John Hashey’s method, there is no scaring and any pigment can be removed safely. There is only one method to get ink or pigment out in one session, that method is to remove the skin surgically.

Removing pigment surgically leaves a scar and will need expert scar relaxation techniques and scar camouflage.

Laser does not remove pigment from the skin, nor can it open the microscopic scar tissue in the dermis to release the pigment. In most cases laser cannot be used around the eyes and it cannot removal titanium dioxide (White) and yellow pigment from Caucasian skin. Laser changes the molecular properties of the skin and in most cases, remove the natural melanin the tissue.

In reality the laser blisters the skin. When the blisters pop the human body scabs the area. It is the scabs that remove the pigment. The reason it takes so many high dollar sessions is that laser cannot release the pigment contained in microscopic scar tissue in the dermis.

A+Ocean’s hypertonic process draws the water from the cells and release the pigment particles so they can be drawn into the epidermis levels and removed naturally. The natural tattoo removal method when used correctly does not scar the tissue and gets the ink or pigment particles out.

Here are some testimonials from recent online removal Certification classes with John Hashey.

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The tattoo removal class by John Hashey was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us it was very detailed, every second was worth it. This is my work from this wonderful product, just 2 sessions. If you are interested taking class please contact
Wendy Woohoo

One of the best webinars! Lots of great info. On my wish list: John Live Classes!!
Brianna Goodall

Thanks you for the great presentation and Thank you Lisa for saving the day!! Was great Live Training, Surprised! This was awesome! Thank you! Great Class, great people and great training too…. client was patient and awesome too.
Carolyn Melby

Great Class and loads of golden information and knowledge.
Suzanne Bourdeau

Hello there – I wasn’t sure which email was best to send to so I’ve just copied everyone in I recently did your online tattoo removal class which was just brilliant – I learnt so much and am very grateful to have been able to access this from here in New Zealand.
Debra Challis

Thank you for your amazing course.
Jill Glidden-VerWeire

Thank you for the great presentation and Thank you Lisa for saving the day!! Was Great!
Caroline Broes

It was awesome!! I’ll be taking more classes with you and I want the new machine!
Felecia Rincon