Hi there!
Was amazing to do the training course for A+ Ocean. Can’t wait to start with removals!

Valeria di Tullio

Thanks so much for the amazing training! Here is my name and address for the certificate and extra goodies!

Andrea Alvarado

Also I must say tonight was extremely educational you know your stuff!!! It was a pleasure soaking up a little bit of your knowledge, CAN’T WAIT TO SIT IN ON ANOTHER ?

Reva Joubert

First and foremost I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to run the webinar. I found it very informative and well run. Again thank you for your time and God bless.

Sarah Couto

Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for an informative and interesting training session. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to my training journey of tattoo removal ahead of me. I know it takes time, and hope to be amazing like you some day.

Juanita French

Dear John-
Really loved the webinar! I’m so happy I attended.
You’re the real deal as well as a true patriot.

Carol Merrill

Thank you so much for a great webinar last night. You shared some very valuable information!!! I think you wanted our names for our certificate….my should read Melinda T Kantor. Looking forward to receiving your notes and other information in the mail.Hope to learn more from you in the future,

Melinda T Kantor

Live Training, Surprised! This was awesome! Thank you! Great Class, great people and great training too…. client was patient and awesome too.

– Carolyn Melby

Hi John & team,
Just wanted to say MASSIVE thank you for last nights tattoo removal webinar. It was well worth staying up until 3am! Very informative webinar! Thank you so much for sharing your insight. I’m excited to learn more through the material you are forwarding. You are truly a pioneer!!

Carrie Stringer

Thank you so much for the great class! If you could send me the release forms and aftercare that would be great thank you so much!
Natasha McKinney

Thanks for a great class John!

Mary Beth French

Thank you John, for the wonderful class. Im very happy ,and I’m looking forward to more classes with you.

Biljana Kostov

Thank you so very much Mr. Hashey your webinar was very informative. I can’t wait to get out to Florida to learn more from you.


Hi Mr Hashey,Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I definitely feel a lot better after taking your webinar.

Hi John,
Thank you for the webinar. It was helpful and informative.
I was referred to you by Mary-Jane Haake.

Tanya Purt-Nichols

Mr. Hashey,
I truly can’t thank you enough. I knew after the seminar that I couldn’t help but benefit from your knowledge. The fact that your willing to share your skill and knowledge of tattooing, Tattoo removal, and Permanent Makeup is amazing enough. The fact that your willing to share it with a couple of tattoo artists from the other side of the country is something else. Mary and I want to show you our appreciation by taking what we have learned and honoring you by turning out quality work. You could have easily let this knowledge retire with you. We are eternally in your debt and will help you and your wife any way we can in the future. Your kindness has not gone to waste with us. We hope to show you our appreciation with many years of solid work.

Maniak and Mary @

I am a conventional tattoo artist and I see horrible tattoos everyday. We do a lot of cover up work. I recently took John Hashey’s webinar for tattoo removal. I was a little skeptical even after seeing some of the before and after pictures. A few minutes into Johns webinar all of that changed. The knowledge and experience from traditional tattooing to the science of how this system works, I was very impressed. This webinar was worth every penny. I will be flying from Las Vegas to Florida to continue hands on training with Mr. Hashey. I’m looking forward to offering the best tattoo removal on the planet using the A+ocean system in our shop. Truly grateful to get the opportunity to learn from a true master. Can’t thank you enough

Jeremy Halgat aka Maniak @

Hello there – I wasn’t sure which email was best to send to so I’ve just copied everyone in I recently did your online tattoo removal class which was just brilliant – I learnt so much and am very grateful to have been able to access this from here in New Zealand.

– Debra Challis