Suzanna’s New Eybrows

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 My testimony

I had the good fortune to meet Mr John Hashey, due to an unfortunate experience with another technician.  During the procedure with the first technician I had a problem with carbon black ink running in my eyeliner in my lower lid. The technician attempted to fix the problem and was unable to make it any better.   Because of this, the technician did some research to find a technique and product that would remove it, and it was through this that she found out about Mr John Hashey and his product, A+Ocean.

I was able to schedule an appointment with Mr Hashey  and during a discussion of my issues I was very impressed with his knowledge and confidence in his product and technique.   During the procedure I was very encouraged seeing the large amount of carbon black coming out with the first attempt. Overall he was able to make a very substantial reduction in the discoloration of the lower eyelid. During his treatments he was very sensitive to my comfort level.

Great product, great care!


Anna Herbes

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One session with A+ Ocean and the bad tattoo was completely gone!

Just after turning 40 years old, I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. Because of the severity in the tumor, I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy. With this choice you are told there will be multiple reconstruction surgeries and this will begin after the completion of the chemotherapy. I had great doctors and surgeons for most part. But when it came to the final plastic surgery procedure of tattooing my areoles…. That was a Big mistake. I should have known it would turn out bad when the surgeon told me initially, “I can draw a circle”.

The tattooing was a one time session with the surgeon.  There were no options of color or style of what I wanted my areoles to look like. May not sound like a big deal, but being a woman who had what the surgeon called ‘mounds’ for breast, the tattooing was a crucial part. The surgeon did tattoo a circle on me for my areoles.  First you must know that I am very faire complected with reddish freckles and hair. The surgeon used a very dark brown color on me. Again, I was never given a choice.  After the tattooed healed I ended up with a circle that you could see the line marks (like a child’s coloring) and the color looked more like a dark purple.

I waited for months in hopes it would fade or something. Nope.  I received a suggestion to meet with John Hashey to see if he could help my areoles look more normal. As a woman, your breasts are a focal point and if you don’t even like to look at them in the mirror there is a serious problem. John Hashey was very helpful. With his A+ Ocean and his master tattooing skills, he was able to completely remove the terrible areoles. While removing we found the tattooing was a mixture of dark brownish purple and black speckles.  John Hashey gave great directions and guidance during the tattoo removal and during the healing process.

One session with John Hashey and the traumatizing bad tattoo was completely gone. I feel truly blessed to have met John Hashey. John Hashey’s product and skills truly have changed my life. My confidence is back up and I feel more complete. I am blessed.

Thank you John Hashey.

Deanna Waddell   Copyright A+Ocean LLC

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Having just completed the week-long areola reconstructive intensive, I walked away with both a jubilant feeling of accomplishment and awestruck humbleness.  One client whom had undergone a double Mastectomy, broken into tears when she saw the finished product.   She hadn’t expected anything near to the quality John had produced.   Her overwhelming gratitude and happiness showed us all why we’re are learning this from the best.      The techniques taught were unlike any provided anywhere else.   Johns hands on approach and focus on applied tradition tattoo sets him on a standard all to himself.   Unlike many other cosmetic programs, he has taken his vast tattoo and dermal knowledge and instructs his students on procedure rather than just basic knowledge.  His principles are simple.  Practice and repetition.   He joking calls this “wax on wax off” approach to learning.   I can personally say I’ve never learned so much in a limited amount of time.  Neil Brillant