Why Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Removal is Important in the Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Industry

19% of the population that have a tattoo regret them. Of those that do have tattoos 78% percent have more than one tattoo. 42% of young adults between the age of 18-30 have at least one tattoo.

Woman regret tattoos more than men and in the Permanent Makeup Industry the number of unskilled artists / technician’s producing disastrous cosmetic tattoos on the face and body is climbing in the thousands daily. The increasing demand for the procedure called Microblading has produced 1-3-day classes to certify the technicians, who then makes themselves instructors and all are set free to cosmetically tattoo faces due to lack of regulations.

Fixing Microblading Mistakes

brow microblading removal before procedureOnly the skilled Microblading Technician should perform these type of tattoos, and yes, they are considered a tattoo. This type of cosmetic tattoo creates a different type of scar within the tissue. If the procedure is done correctly some of the most beautiful shapes and eyebrows can be produced. On the other hand, with the unskilled and poorly trained artist/technician we routinely see reports and cases of gruesome results.

A+Ocean, the first completely all nature hypertonic saline solution, can safely remove or lighten bad microbladed brows. The horrifying micro bladed mishaps can be corrected using A+Ocean’s Micro-Lite product. The company’s new and improved formulation, A+Ocean can remove the disasters popping up daily.

Fixing Conventional Tattoo Mistakes

Conventional tattooing has changed from what use to be long apprenticeships to the everyday guy picking up a tattoo machine and marking people worldwide. These types of people are the danger to conventional tattooing. The old school artist calls them scratchers! Due to improved pigments and a new wave of artist with art degrees, they are producing some of the most life like and photo realism and have surpassed the old school artist. Even still, the conventional tattoo world still has issues with unqualified artists producing bad tattoos.
To avoid expensive laser treatments A+Ocean LLC formulated a completely all-natural removal solution and line of products that can get the pigment out faster, without scarring, when the artist is properly trained. This allows the artist to preform coverup tattoos without the use of dark pigments or ink. A+Ocean was the first company to start online webinar training and has certified more technicians and artist than any all-natural tattoo removal company.

A Brief History of Permanent Makeup and Tattoos

Permanent Makeup First arrived in the United States in the 1920’s and the procedures were done using what was called the drill pen introduced by Samuel O’Reilly. Samuel died April 29, 1909 with numerous patents. The machine used in the 1920’s to perform lip coloration was one of O’Reilly’s designs. O’Reilly’s designs most likely came from the father of the modern tattoo machine Thomas Edison, who in 1876 received a patent for the electric pen (Coil Machine).

Modern Permanent Makeup started in the late 50’s in San Francisco and New York City.

Enter Tattoo Removal

In 1978 John Hashey developed a removal solution for his own tattoo purposes and continually worked on the solution over many years. John finally reached the goal, with over 25 years of research, to produce the world’s number one all-natural tattoo removal products.

John then released his newest products into the tattoo and permanent makeup industry. With over 1.2 million bottles sold worldwide A+Ocean clearly has been the favorite all-natural removal system and product.

All industries have good and bad training and products. With the huge growing tattoo world, as well as permanent cosmetics and microblading, the professions needed a system that is all natural, a removal system that will not harm the skin and produces results that allow pigment to be returned to the skin. Laser changes the molecular structure of the tissue and often pigment will not tattoo back into the tissue. A+Ocean corrects bad conventional tattoos and microblading, unlike laser treatments.

The Legality of Saline Removal Solution

Legislature banning saline and other removal product has been brought on by the doctors that use lasers for tattoo removal. They have lobbied to stop tattoo artists and permanent makeup technicians from doing these procedures because natural products such as A+Ocean can remove the pigment much faster.

The only purpose of grapeseed extract is to preserve the aloe in the formulation. A+Ocean already exceeds the Aloe Science Certification standards.


How Does A+Ocean Work?

A+Ocean LLC produced a system that is unmatched worldwide, and the products are all 100% US Made in the state of Florida. Many companies have tried to copy the formulations and have failed miserably, making false claims such as orange seed and grape seed extract take pigment out of the human skin.

Any product that contains acid of any kind should be completely avoided. Acid removes tissue and causes scarring that often cannot be reversed. A+Ocean formulations are natural and allow the human body to naturally remove or lighten the pigment with no damage to the skin. Any type of tattoo or cosmetic tattoo causes microscopic scar tissue. The moment the needles insert the ink or pigment into the skin it is permanently scared. A+Ocean technics are therapeutic to tattoo scars by using the recommend needle configurations during the A+Ocean Removal Procedure.

A+Ocean products routinely remove pigment from the skin that has obtained an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions cause the skin to bubble up like a keloid and feel hard to the touch. The reaction area will often not heal due the body trying to push the pigment from the tissue. A+Ocean can remove the pigment without the high cost of steroids.

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This is a photo of an allergic reaction from a tattoo.

A+Ocean used by an A+Ocean Technician on a tattoo that turned to an allergic reaction. As pictured here, the tissue began to turn back to normal after the second session.

All tattoo artists and permanent makeup technicians benefit from A+Ocean removal systems and products. We’ve already taken a look at some of the reasons and the awesome benefits it provides the customers that need these important procedures. This can all be done at a fraction of the cost of other methods such as laser, acid based products and high concentrated chemical products.

laser tattoo removalThe Poor Effects of Laser Removal

Laser also removes natural pigmentation in the skin as pictured here. This Irish man had freckles. The laser could not target yellow and as seen and you can see yellow still in the skin. Because the laser removed his freckles his arm needed scar camouflage. Unfortunately, the skin would not except the camouflage type pigment, and he was forced to get another coverup tattoo from a skilled artist with conventional type inks.

Additionally, the laser could not penetrate or remove all the carbon black in the tissue. A+Ocean can remove any type of ink or pigment.

Get A+Ocean Certified Today!

If you are looking for the best Hypertonic all-natural Saline removal product A+Ocean is the only way to go for the sake of your customers. Our industry is growing by the thousands daily worldwide and the need for natural and safe removal has never been more important. Our industry are truly the people that should get trained and conduct these procedures. A+Ocean provides everything the artist or technician will need in this growing important field.

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