A+ Ocean tattoo removal solution

Conventional and Cosmetic Tattoo Lightening and Removal
for Professionals

The First Hypertonic Saline Tattoo Removal or Lightening Solution In The World

A+Ocean Tattoo Removal
A+Ocean Permanent Makeup Removal

A+Ocean the world’s number one 100% all-natural removal solution with over 1.4 million bottles sold worldwide as of 2010. Originally formulated in 1978 and continually improved formulations that are the first Hypertonic Saline removal products on the market.

John Hashey the owner and inventor of A+Ocean continually strives to produce safe saline removal products for professional technicians that will protect the public from any damage to the skin and remove unwanted pigment and ink.

We provide the purist all-natural Saline that is completely filtered and 100% sterile. Our products are for professional technicians worldwide. No acid products or chemicals and only made in the United States.

A+Ocean all-natural removal solutions are the choice of professional technicians. Our newest product release in 2017, Microlite, is specifically designed to release pigment from the type scaring caused by Microblading. The cutting of tissue caused by needle tools used for microblading are different than the traditional tattoo and permanent makeup insertion of pigment.

A+Ocean also offers complete training and certification via in person classes or online webinars. We manufacture the finest equipment that comes with a Limited lifetime guarantee. This is complemented by the largest needle selection for all type cases and 100% US made.

A complete support system for the Tattoo or Permanent Makeup Artist that wants to add safe all-natural removal solutions to their business services and provide the best results to remove bad tattoos and permanent makeup or microblading.

tattoo removal training

A+ Ocean® Tattoo Removal and Lightening Webinar!

John Hashey will be conducting a comprehensive online training program for basic tattoo and permanent makeup removal, March 6, 2020 6:00 PM Eastern Standard.

Due to the COVID-19 business closures, we are offering over 50% off this months training webinar!  This is a very special we will only be offering this month, so don’t miss out!

The training sessions will be very comprehensive, technicians and artists will be taking the training with Mr. Hashey via Go-To-Meeting. The training for basic removal or lightening of unwanted tattoo’s and permanent makeup.  Mr. Hashey will directly provide the technician with an awesome foundation and the correct process, his tutelage goes a long way with most insurance company’s. The program requires 3 1/2 hours of instruction.


Sale Price: $275.00
Compared at: $597.50
You Save: $ 322.50

I’ve been doing permanent cosmetics for over 45 years with over 100,000 procedures. It’s just as important to put pigment in safely and do a good result as it is to take it out safely. Aplus Ocean is the solution to that.

aplus ocean tattoo removal solution one bottle


A+Ocean® Tattoo Removal

One And One Half Ounce Bottle

aplus ocean tattoo removal solution two bottles


A+Ocean® Tattoo Removal

One Ounce Bottle 2 Pack

aplus ocean tattoo removal solution 3 bottles


A+Ocean® Tattoo Removal

One Ounce Bottle 3 Pack

All Natural

A+ OCEAN  uses the finest sea salt available in the world and then removes all contaminates, producing the purest saline in the world.

Carcinogen Free

You will not find any carcinogens or other products used in the formulation that other saline products contain or one’s that have FDA warnings

Heal Naturally

With A+ Ocean the goal is to create a superficial controlled scab. A natural healing process that removes or lightens the pigment when the scab falls off.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

We have served and trained hundreds of thousands of technicians over the 40 years we’ve been doing business.  It is an honor and a privilege to hear what our technicians have to say about A+ Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution and our Tattoo Removal Training Course.

If you are interested in signing up for our next Tattoo Removal Training Class, please use the link below to learn more or get signed up!

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